Aelia started assisting different individuals in diverse business disciplines and across multiple professional contexts in 2013. It began as a social venture to build capability. Aelia is a Learning & Development Agency that creates challenge-focused, modular Learning & Development (L&D) that follows the 70:20:10 learning model. Aelia L&D equips organizations to face corporate challenges in which people can be the lever of change.

Aelia uncovered the spectrum of various cognitive requirements of the world of work and entrepreneurship on the field as it studied the problems of professional development. Since 2013, the team of Aelia have held workshops, mentored individuals, and established networks for mutual development assistance. They also researched, consulted specialists, and developed their own L&D models, which they tested on the ground.

Thus, gradually, and naturally, Aelia evolved into a development and education agency with the appropriate expertise, a demonstrated aptitude for creativity, and valuable maturity, allowing it to address significant L&D difficulties for companies, independent professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Aelia’s activities empower participants from different backgrounds according to their multifaceted needs. For example, it assists professionals throughout the course of their professional development, it helps companies to undertake all the necessary steps to develop their companies. Aelia also allies with individuals and help them realize their educational and research endeavours.

  • With Training Workshops & Storytelling Workshops
  • With Short Practice Projects (*Aelia Power-Up Projects)
  • With Mentoring (*Aelia Mentoring Sessions & *Aelia Powerminds)
  • With 24/7 Asynchronous Mentoring (*Aelia Power-Up Chat)
  • With Networking support (*Aelia Curated Networking)

  • soon to be expected to start their careers,
  • during their educational path, 
  • in early career steps, 
  • in career growth steps, 
  • in career change steps, 
  • in entrepreneurial activities, 
  • planning and launching business ventures, 
  • empowering entrepreneurs developing their business,
  • scientists that consider a career in research, 
  • and researchers interested in commercializing their findings.

Aelia’s approach is out-of-the box, transformational and impactful. It develops specific programs, fine-tuned to respond to the specifics of each organization. It also designed a portfolio of 26 L&D activities, from which the most appropriate for each organization are selected to meet their needs. All the programs are based on the 70:20:10 approach, are action-oriented, personalized, and adaptable. Aelia also advocates for both individual and collective learning. 

Aelia emerges as a light of innovation, empowerment, and transformation in a world where the landscape of professional development is ever-changing. What began as a modest social venture in 2013 has grown into a formidable force, a Learning & Development Agency that ignites the flames of change and growth.

Aelia’s journey has been one of exploration, digging deep into the core of several business disciplines and professional situations. They have worked tirelessly to unravel the intricate tapestry of cognitive requirements that the modern world necessitates. Aelia has become a catalyst for unleashing untapped potential through programs that energize the mind, mentoring that nurtures the spirit, and a network that spans horizons.

The 70:20:10 learning methodology, at the heart of Aelia’s approach, symbolizes a dedication to comprehensive development – not just in the boardroom, but in the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life. It’s a monument to the power of collaboration, where problems become opportunities and individuals emerge as actual change agents.

Aelia’s growth into a formidable development and education organization demonstrates their persistent pursuit of excellence. They have created a masterpiece of resilience, adaptation, and maturity using creativity as their canvas and competence as their brush. Theirs is a story of transformation, from developing skills to influencing destiny, from cultivating connections to sparking revolutions.

As the sun sets on each day, Aelia’s influence shines as a guiding star, illuminating the way of individuals starting out in their careers, navigating unfamiliar territory, and forging ahead with daring entrepreneurial goals. Their constant support, demonstrated through specialized programs and a diverse array of learning experiences, reveals a dedication to individual and collective growth, with each step taken a tribute to human potential.

Aelia is a beacon of hope in a world that thirsts for innovation, hungers for knowledge, and longs for meaningful change. 

Their unconventional approach, devotion to transformation, and steadfast confidence in the power of learning inspire us all. Aelia is more than simply an agency; it is a catalyst for a greater future, one in which challenges are welcomed, learning is infinite, and everyone becomes an architect of their own success.

So, let us all learn from Aelia and embrace challenges, grow knowledge, and become change agents. Aelia’s tale is a thread of inspiration in the tapestry of professional development, weaving its way into the fabric of innumerable travels and lighting the path forward for future generations.


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