Project RevitaLESE aims to empower and strengthen longer established social economy organizations across Europe. Up until now a website has been developed and the project and the project partners are piloting the training modules that they developed over the last year. These were just a few of the topics to discuss during the third in-person meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus on 25th and 26th of May.

The following months will be focused on mainly piloting and networking activities while the partners will also develop content for the website – blog posts, podcast episodes and case studies about success and learning experiences of social economy organizations in six countries. And in the end of September an international networking event will take place to reap the benefits of connections across borders. This will all lead to a meeting in Dublin in beginning of November that will allow to strengthen these connections through workshops over several days. Anyone not directly involved in project is welcome to join the interactive map and LinkedIn group, as well as contribute with content for the blog.

The project will end in January 2024, and by then:

  • Partners will test and improve the training modules with at least 18 social economy organizations in each country
  • A minimum of 55 novel content items (articles, blog posts and case studies) will be published on this website
  • 2 local networking events will take place in each country
  • 2 EU-wide networking events will take place to connect all participants of the piloting phase
  • …and many more exciting activities that you will hear about in this blog very soon!

The next project meeting is scheduled for November at the beginning of November. During it, the partners will meet in an international conference to network and discuss the achievements of this project.

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