Marketing is your relationship with the market. No matter what specific sector, activity you are engaged in, marketing should always be seen as a relationship development and not a side activity. If we want a relationship to succeed, we have to work hard and bring into that relationship. 

As with any relationship, ‘it takes two’, ie an important principle of marketing is reciprocity. We evaluate the quality of your relationship with the market through behaviors. The desired behaviors of the ‘other party’ are: 

  • purchase; 
  • use; 
  • recommendation. 

You want them to buy your product / service. You want them to use your product / service. And you want your product / service to be recommended by users, as well as customers, to others. As with any relationship, in order for it to be to the mutual satisfaction, you need to make a little effort. 

We cannot control the other side. The user or audience will think, understand, feel, what they already will. We can only consciously watch what our intentions are and observe the relationship by learning about what kind of reaction the other party is desirable to us and what precedes the desirable behaviors. In marketing, we can view a relationship as a 1-on-1, i.e., interpersonal relationship. Or as a relationship with the masses. 

Since the mass consists of many, many individuals, it is relevant to us that the masses are only insofar as we use the mass media to reach them. By targeting the masses, we always think on a 1-on-1 level, that is, we create a persona, one for each target group we address. A persona is a character or fictional person who serves as a representative of your target group. The basis of any communication and marketing strategy is to determine which behaviors we want, how do we witness behaviors happen (METRICS) and then start influencing those behaviors? determine what messages and interventions we will do where.

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash